Beverley Eastmond Director. B Com, Chartered Accountant

About Us

I have 17 years of accountancy experience as well as general business experience gained from working in family owned transport and other service businesses.

Having practical business experience, I understand the mindset of business owners and I know how challenging it can be to be in business (especially for SME enterprises).

Working for many years in Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre, I met many people starting new businesses, driven by excitement and creative vision. They often ended up ‘juggling many balls’. I got a lot of personal satisfaction from helping make their business operate smoothly.

I work with other professionals , such as specialised tax professionals, business valuers, mortgage brokers, web developers, administrators, book keepers and so on, to ensure the highest level of service.

One thing is for sure – I am convinced that running a business gets much easier with skilled advice on hand when you need it. It can avoid a lot of grief…..

Good business advice is “worth it’s weight in gold”.